Friday, December 23, 2011

A Traveller Universe Map!

It's been a while ( okay, over a year... ) since I've posted here on the Mutagenic Zone, and I hadn't really planned on doing so tonight.  However, while checking on the viability of some of the links on this blog, ( I really, really hate dead links ). I discovered this cool online map of the Traveller Universe.  Now I'm wondering if this is available as a poster.  That would be so cool.

Anyway, it appears that the links here are still viable.  All linkage is good!  Now I need to check website linkage on my other blogs... UGH.  That's going to be a chore.

FYI,  I'm planning on posting at least once a week on this blog from now on, but barring that, at least twice a month.

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